Dung Beetle

A JavaScript based DOM+CSSeditor and inspector for ANY browser

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What is Dung Beetle?

Dung Beetle is a web development application built in JavaScript that enables the user to view the DOM and CSS of any webpage and edit them in real time. It was initially created as an alternative to Firebug, a powerful web-dev toolkit for FireFox. The name "Dung Beetle" is a parody of "Firebug," as well as "Dragonfly," the Opera browser toolkit.

Dung currently supports the following functionality:

* CSS editing is not perfect, but close. It does not read the actual CSS file; rather it makes very educated guesses based on available information.

What isn't Dung Beetle?

What about Dragonfly/IE Developer Toolbar/Firebug lite/etc?

It's true that there are many Firebug-like applications out there for different browsers. But if these alternatives were perfect then Dung Beetle wouldn't be under development. It is the opinion of the creator that despite the already existing toolkits, there could be something better for non-Firefox browsers. Besides, nothing wrong with another choice, right?